Scrapbook Share: GingerSweet and December Mix a Kit

Wow!  It’s been a month since I posted already?    Things are hectic around here.  Good news that baby’s room is ready to go, cloth diapers purchased and washed up, Christmas gifting is *almost* done, Christmas parties attended, and overall, we are ready for our new arrival.  Bad news is, computer time has been limited.  I did manage to get some scrapping in, as Angie from Down This Road Designs has been really busy.  Here’s some of my latest pages.

They all show cheap activities- baking cookies with family, blowing bubbles in cold weather and watching them freeze, and reading stories with Daddy.

I’m trying to encourage myself by thinking about what I do that is low or no cost.  My scrapbooking seems to reflect this without me actually being aware.  As we look forward to our new arrival, frugality is heavy on my mind.    Stay tuned as we get ready to embark on this new stage of life.


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