Kid’s Craft- Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

Oh the snow days….

Thank goodness for pinterest and all my crafty friends on facebook.  We have a nearly endless source of crafts and activities.  Today we created a bouquet of flowers from some leftover paint, pipe cleaners, and an egg carton.  I’ve seen this various places around the web, and adapted the idea.



The technique was pretty simple.  Cut egg carton into 12 pieces, shape each flower (some look like lillies, some like poppies, some are just unique), paint and then insert a pipe cleaner for a stem.   I did find it much less messy to paint the inside, let it dry, then paint the outside of the flower.

The only tricky part was inserting the pipe cleaner.  I poked a hole with a knife (probably not the safest,  but it’s what I did), then inserted a pipe cleaner.  I twisted it so the flower appeared to have lovely stamens.  I would probably use glue to attach the pipe cleaner to the egg carton if I was displaying them individually, but mine fit pretty snug into the vase, so I didn’t worry about it.

The best thing about this craft is I could keep extending the time by handing my son another flower.  You can make this last as long as you want!  Oh, it’s cheap too.  Obviously the egg carton was recycled, the paint was leftover from a project he got for Christmas, and I scrounged up the pipe cleaners from somewhere.

Happy Snow Day!



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