Atkins Induction Success

I told you in my last post that my first day was 4/28/16.  That was the day I started the Atkins diet. I can say without a doubt that it was a success.  The first part of the plan, Induction, is supposed to last a minimum of 2 weeks.  So I weighed in yesterday, the end of my first two weeks.  I lost 12 pounds in my first 2 weeks.

Was it easy? I did feel that the diet is easy to follow. There were modifications to my shopping list and I replaced a few items in my fridge with more Atkins friendly substitutes. The Carb Counter App on my phone made tracking a breeze. I only had to manually enter 1 item.

Did I cheat? I followed the plan rigidly, except for yesterday.  I had a bad stomach flu- and I couldn’t stomach any vegetables or meat.  I caved and had some saltines. Only 5, and they helped my tummy settle tremendously, so I still consider it a win. There were some days that I just could not eat as many veggies as the plan said, but I did not fall below 8 veggie carbs/day- and they weren’t replaced with non veggie carbs. I simply felt “full” and did not want to eat anymore, so I did not.

How did I feel? Amazing.  I had more energy than I have had in weeks, no headaches (which were becoming more and more of a problem for me), I could feel my body change, my face cleared up, I slept like a rock, and I just felt great!

Were there any challenges? Yes, I got sick, and was unable to have my normal 7up and saltines. I drank diet 7up and G2, which I hate, and did have to cheat on the saltines. I struggled while on-the-go. We spent both weekends away from home. I packed up lots of vegetables and plain meat in a cooler and hauled it up. We went to a community omelet breakfast and I had them dump in my pre-measured spinach and ignored the other carb-y offerings. However, during shopping runs, and when I had to be out of the house unexpectedly, it was harder to plan. There are very few things on the induction diet that can be kept in a purse or car. Especially since most of the time I craved protein- which usually does not travel well.  So now a few pre-packaged beef sticks are tucked into my purse.  I also stuck in some bouillon cubes. After 2 weeks, I am allowed small amounts of nuts, so I can stash some of those.  If I can find some Atkins products that won’t melt, that would be great too!

Did I have cravings? Not very many. I wanted a margarita that someone had ordered at a gathering for Cinco De Mayo. But really I just wanted the salt and lime.  And a whiff of the pizza at Sam’s club got to me for a second. Nothing else bothered me.

Am I exercising? Right now I am not on a rigid plan.  I have boosted my activity a lot (tracked by my fitbit), and have been to yoga class a few times (new for me) and used the elliptical several times as well. Within the next few weeks, my goal is to have at least 25 minutes of real exercise each day. This will happen in the form of yoga class, other gym classes, elliptical use, and walking around the neighborhood. Everything except for yoga will have to register on my fitbit for it to count.

When will I move out of induction? Not right now. I will add in a few nuts as suggested, but since my full goal is 100 pounds, I feel that I need to stay in induction for a longer time period. I am not bored with the food choices at all.

Start date: 4/28- GOAL 48 pounds. 


5/2/16- 7/7/41

5/9/16- 3/10/38



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