Monday Weigh-In- A Difficult Weekend

I knew it had to get harder!

I am finally recovering from that nasty stomach bug, but still don’t have a full appetite. My veggie intake has been very low since Wednesday. So I haven’t been following the full guidelines, but other than the saltines, I haven’t eaten over 20 carbs or any sugar. I haven’t exercised since Wednesday morning.

I attended a wedding shower, graduation party and baptism celebration this weekend.  I was able to eat a few things at each place- but realized how poorly I would have eaten previously. I really, really wanted a swipe of frosting and a bite of my son’s ice cream, but did not give in. The potato soup looked extremely comforting as well- more due to an irritable tummy vs a craving. But I passed on it.

I think I am still winning, and the scale says so too.  I lost 4 additional pounds this week, putting my weight loss at 14 pounds total, with 34 to go to my first goal.

Plans are to start working out and doing yoga again this week, and ease back into the full veggie load.

Start date: 4/28- GOAL 48 pounds. 


5/2/16- 7/7/41

5/9/16- 3/10/38




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