Last Minute Valentines- I’m A Sucker For You!


Pinterest is a great source of creative ideas.  I always make Vaughn’s Valentines, and have them printed as photos on 4×6 paper.  Easy, cheap, and his friends and our family get a current picture of him.  Here’s this year’s creation.

All I did was have my son stand in front of a blank wall, make a fist, and hold his arm out straight. I snapped a picture and edited it to 4×6 proportions, leaving room for the sucker and “I’m a sucker for you Valentine” and “From Vaughn”. (I always make sure I put “from Vaughn” into the image file, that way I don’t have to write it out on all of them)  I sent them to Walgreens, used my 15 cent print coupon (BEMINE15) and my husband picked them up on his way home from work.  I could have used my printer at home, but I find it cheaper and easier to use a photo printing service.  I also needed a bag of Tootsie Pops.

I used a utility knife to make small cuts at his wrist and just above his fist, and slid the sucker in.  The photo bends out, and it looks like Vaughn is actually holding out the sucker, giving it to his Valentine.

That’s it!

I got this idea from Pinterest, so I can’t claim it.  The original source of the idea that I found (and I know there were others…) was 24-7-365.  Thanks!